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Social sensitivity creates greater collective abilities

In my book Juggling the Big 3 for Lawyers, I urge lawyers to synergize and work together on the basis that the group can achieve far more than any single individual—especially when the styles and expertise of the group members are complementary. While this seems obvious, I know that lawyers love evidence. So here it is:

Researchers have documented that the collective intelligence among groups of people who cooperate well extends beyond the cognitive abilities of the groups’ individual members.

So: no surprise there. But what may surprise you is that the study also found that the collective abilities of the group were highest in groups whose members had the highest levels of “social sensitivity”. (Social sensitivity has to do with how well a person is able to perceive other people’s emotions.)

So: how socially sensitive are the people on your team? And—possibly more pertinently—how socially sensitive are the people you’re recruiting?

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