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Networking tip 24: Do your homework

Our schedules as lawyers are normally busy enough with client work, so fitting in networking time is not always easy. Sometimes getting to an event is a last-minute, haphazard rush. Perhaps this situation sounds familiar: You are heading out the door (late!) while making final edits to an important document. On the way, you are dictating (OK, shouting) last-minute instructions to your secretary. You’re not even sure of the location of the meeting as you charge to your uncertain destination (Wembley or Waterloo? WC1 or W1?), simultaneously fumbling for the crumpled invitation in your bag.

If you recognize this scenario, then you, like me, should make some adjustments to ensure that you get the most from the time you spend networking—before you rush out the door.

Understand your objective for attending. Is it…

  • Meeting people with something in common?
  • Hoping to encounter a specific person (or type of person?)
  • Exposure?
  • General networking?
  • Learning something?

Then, with your objective powerfullyin mind, make sure that you do your homework. Think about how you can best achieve your purpose and what preparation may be necessary.

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