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Networking tip 22: Commit to the success of others

An effective network is contingent on the success of each person within the group. As other individuals in your circle become more successful, they not only extend their power and influence, but also their chances of being able to help you. . . In short, by boosting the careers of others, you probably increase the likelihood of gaining your own rewards.  (Note, if you lift people up emotionally and they will in return appreciate you.  Well, it’s also important to lift people up professionally—they will probably lift you up in return).

Second, through the act of helping, you reinforce relationships. When you are generous with referrals, contacts, or support, a mutual bond is created. Through recommendations, you’renot only telling the other person that he is worthy (subliminal message: “I trust you”), but you’re also cultivating his trustby providing something of value without asking for a return. So even when you think helping someone else might prove detrimental to yourself, you should still consider extending that support. Giving something is always better and healthier than any short-term reward that you might receive from hoarding it. 

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