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Networking tip 24: Do your homework

Our schedules as lawyers are normally busy enough with client work, so fitting in networking time is not always easy. Sometimes getting to an event is a last-minute, haphazard rush. Perhaps this situation sounds familiar: You are heading out the door (late!) while making final edits to an important document. On the way, you are dictating (OK, shouting) last-minute instructions to your secretary. You’re not even sure of the location of the meeting as you charge to your uncertain destination (Wembley or Waterloo? WC1 or W1?), simultaneously fumbling for the crumpled invitation in your bag.

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Networking tip 23: Never burn bridges

It seems an obvious point, but almost all of us have done it: We send off an email or say something that we later wish we hadn’t. That “something” then lodges forever in the other person’s mind, and we know, no matter how hard we try, that it will never be forgotten. This is why every piece of correspondence, departing note, or good-bye gesture must be thought through and its implications considered.

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Networking tip 22: Commit to the success of others

An effective network is contingent on the success of each person within the group. As other individuals in your circle become more successful, they not only extend their power and influence, but also their chances of being able to help you. . . In short, by boosting the careers of others, you probably increase the likelihood of gaining your own rewards.  (Note, if you lift people up emotionally and they will in return appreciate you.  Well, it’s also important to lift peo