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The holidays: the perfect time to network

Leading up to the holidays, you’re almost certainly desperately trying to get that all-important deal done and/or simply hoping to clear your desk. But this is one of the best possible times to move away from the comfort zone of focusing on client work to expand and nurture your relationships. As people tend to be more relaxed during this time of the year, and the party season gives you lots of opportunities to “meet and greet”, take advantage of these circumstances and reach out.

With this in mind:

Attend Holiday Parties

You may think some social event isn’t worth your business networking time, but holiday parties are a great way to get to know people in a less stressed environment. And you never know whom you might meet: some of my most creative and enjoyable contacts were first made at those despised cocktail events! 

Send Holiday Greetings

The holidays provide a great opportunity to reach out to people by sending a holiday greeting. Whether by e-mail or post, it doesn't matter how you make contact. My only caveat would be that there should be a touch of the personal about it. (If you’re just sending a card with your name scrawled at the bottom, there’s really no point in bothering.  Make it personal and engage.)

Set Up Meetings

Use your holiday greetings to proactively reach out to people you haven't connected with in a while. They will appreciate being thought about and it might give you the spark to reignite your relationship… and the opportunity to initiate a meeting!  

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