“This book tells you all you need to know about how to get on.” The Times

“Relatively few books have been written with assistant solicitors in mind, about how to succeed at the business of being a lawyer… fewer still have devised a programme for so doing that runs alongside a book. This book does both.”Law Society (The Law Management Section)

5 star rating HR Magazine

Books to inspire your marketing efforts

booksThere are a lot of good books out there for learning how to network, build client relationships, and market one's self. And I’ve read most of them. But very very few of these books are specific to us lawyers—which is one of the reasons I wrote Juggling the Big 3.

As a lawyer, we tend to feel as though we work within an idiosyncratic profession—we are valued and rewarded for our intellect—and not cut from the same cloth as, for example, management consultants and sales people. (Did I actually use that four-letter word “sell” in the same sentence as “lawyer”?) Further, lawyers (at least in private practice) work on the basis of billable hours, which means time spent on “other” endeavors can feel like time wasted… and only fellow lawyers (who understand this difficulty) can advise on how to “juggle” networking and marketing with the unique demands of a legal career.

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