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Networking tip 5: Use your people skills

The first place to start in cultivating your network is to concentrate on the number-one rule of human desire: Make others feel important and appreciated.

Second, be generous with your time and your efforts; think about how you can help the people in your network. This is not about keeping score (“Gosh, how they’ll owe me for this one!”)—instead, it’s a mindset you should apply to every person in your network—not just people you think might one day prove useful, but everyone. This is partly because business isn’t the be-all and end-all of a happy life, and partly because you want your networking skills to become instinctive, which will not happen if you choose to be selective about whom you treat well.

Notice that effective networking is not about fakery, charms, and wiles. Even an introverted person can learn to network, because it’s all about how we treat others. Every personality type is capable of going the extra mile! Admittedly, Connecters have an edge in the overall process, because their personality type is naturally social, but networking is about much more than going to parties. It involves genuine care for, and interest in, the people we meet when we get there. 

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