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Teach and build a relationship

Frankly, don’t you often find it easier just to do something yourself rather than delegating—especially if you have to spend time teaching the other person how to do it?

The old proverb about teaching someone to fish may be true, but sometimes it’s actually the harder option. All the same, in the long run, it might still be the best choice: because it not only makes you more efficient, but also helps you to build relationships.

Think back to your favorite teachers/mentors. What made them great? What still causes them to stand out in your mind?

Among other things, you probably regarded them as experts. One of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise is to teach it to someone. When people teach us something, we tend to hold them in high regard and value them as a person (even if their personality might not be so admirable, oddly enough!)

The same will be true of you, if you share your expertise.

If you show others how to fish, you don’t just feed them (and yourself) for a lifetime—you also create a relationship in which they remember you as their expert—and you never know where that might lead. Just think if one person you teach one day moves into a position to hand out legal work—remembering you as a generous-minded expert!

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