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Powerful presence

In the current marketplace, where everyone is aiming for distinction, a powerful presence can be the decisive factor, effectively determining whether one gets the job, promotion, or client. A powerful presence can sometimes feel like an intangible gift that one can neither cultivate nor acquire: a combination of expertise, credibility, and confidence, all set-off by excellent communication skills.

There’s also an anomalous component to building a powerful presence (especially as lawyers) because someone can be a technical expert—and have credibility and confidence—and even be able to communicate in a legal capacity—yet still lack presence. In such cases, it’s likely that interpersonal skills need work. Without an understanding of how to deal effectively with people, one can come across (generally unfairly) as arrogant and untrustworthy, undermining credibility and impairing potential advancement. 

In my book Juggling the Big 3 for Lawyers, I devote several chapters to the subject.  The research base is all in the public domain—but its application can still make an amazing difference in terms of building a satisfying career.

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