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Networking tip 11: Have the right attitude

In my last blog I talked about "working a room" as part of your networking endeavours. So to follow on from that....

The first step to working a room is attitude: You should either feel happy to be there or be able to convey a decent impression of the same. So get into that mindset, or you might as well go home (indeed, I would urge you to do so)!

We’ve allbeen introduced to people who would frankly rather be somewhere else. Their eyes are glazed over, and as you talk they look over your shoulder; their eye contact is nonexistent and they seem to begrudge every syllable that escapes them. They seem distracted, bored, or annoyed. It’s just human nature to boomerang such negativity right back at them! Their behavior is probably the result of their own discomfort, but regardless of the reason, the result is the same: No connection is generated, and the only impression created or cemented is likely to be negative.

So no matter what, make sure that you aren’t the person appearing detached or fed up. And if surrounded by these unfortunates, just keep moving until you find a more comfortable position. 

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